Breaking the bond of imprisonment and offering liberty to those incarcerated by the issues of life.

To address and bring release to areas of confinement common to all physically, emotionally, spiritually or mentally incarcerated people.

To promote Accountability, Integrity and Responsibility (AIR) by developing skills necessary to enhance the family structure and develop a healthier understanding of the male/female thought process and their role in society.

To promote the notion that each person must take care when making Choices, always keeping in mind that with their Decisions comes Consequences, for which each of them is solely Responsible (CDCR).

To provide a safe, nurturing, clean and sober environment conducive to breaking the bonds of incarceration.

To offer transitional living accommodations and life skill enhancement to individuals recently released from state and county correctional facilities.

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The term “At Risk” is usually associated with youth, but the core of “At Risk” behavior is the lack of family stability. Our program is targeted towards “At Risk” people who find themselves incarcerated; and who may or may not have found themselves detained by the judicial system.