Esperanza is the premiere Hispanic faith-based network in the country, led by visionary activists and thought leaders who understand the issues impacting Hispanic communities and act from a faith-based perspective.

Esperanza delivers programs and services in the local Philadelphia community, and they work with a network of over 12,000 clergy, churches, and community leaders across the country to strengthen Hispanic communities.

Esperanza is positioned between the Hispanic clergy, churches, and community, and our nation’s political and corporate leaders, with connections to both and providing unique access for each to the other.

The California Mentor Foundation (CMF) was founded in 1998 to provide a unified, collective voice for California’s youth mentoring programs. CMF provides funding, advanced training, quality assurance standards, and technology support to more than 400 mentor programs . CMF promotes mentoring as the most effective means of preventing at-risk youth from making poor choices.

CMF focuses on these four critical areas essential to the success of each youth mentoring program:

Building public awareness of mentoring

Securing financial support for grant making capabilities

Commissioning research to document the benefits of mentoring programs

Developing mission-critical tools and training needed to strengthen and expand both regional and local mentoring programs

Project UPLIFT
Project UPLIFT is a non-profit organization whose goal is to help at-risk youth develop skills, through mentoring and coaching, that will enable them to succeed and contribute to our society.

Project UPLIFT seeks to uplift our surrounding community! We motivate young people in elementary, middle, and high school. Mentors/Tutors provide the youth with the structure, feedback and encouragement necessary to help them take responsibility for their own success.