The IMPACT program has developed a curriculum which addresses the main thinking errors and problem behaviors associated with recidivism. Using the combined experiences of the curriculum developers and the research on delinquency and behavior, the curriculum provides youth with a unique perspective and knowledge from individuals who have lived their experiences.

At the completion of each module a youth receives a graduation ceremony and certificate provided by the IMPACT program. At each session youth will participate in a variety of discussion topics, activities and role plays. The IMPACT facilitators are trained to use positive incentives and reinforcement during the group sessions. The facilitators strive to create a positive open atmosphere, and implement a 4-to-1 ratio of positive reinforcement to consequences for negative behavior.

MODULE 1 “MAN’S ESSENTIAL MAKE-UP” Session 1 Man’s Essential Make-Up Session 2 Where Are You? Session 3 Image Vs. Reality Session 4 Who Are You? Session 5 How Do You Measure Up?

MODULE 1 “Women’s ESSENTIAL MAKE-UP” Session 1 Women’s Essential Make-Up Session 2 Where Are You? Session 3 Image Vs. Reality Session 4 Who Are You? Session 5 How Do You Measure Up?

MODULE 2 “VIOLENCE PREVENTION” (Both) Session 1 Violence Prevention Session 2 Time-Outs Session 3 Body Signals Session 4 Self Talk Session 5 Conflict Resolution

MODULE 3 “ADDICTIONS” (Both) Session 1 Addictions Session 2 Denial Session 3 Treatment Session 4 Recovery-Maintenance-Relapse

MODULE 4 “RELATIONSHIPS” (Both) Session 1 Relationships Session 2 Relationship Dynamics Session 3 Cultivating Successful Relationships Session 4 Specific Relationships

MODULE 5 “ETHICS” (Both) Session 1 Morality Session 2 Spirituality Session 3 Stability Session 4 Love Session 5 A Man’s Integrity

MODULE 6 “FINANCIAL LITERACY” (Both) Session 1 Basics Of Money Management Session 2 Value Of Money And Creating A Budget Session 3 The Different Types Of Banking Possibilities Session 4 Creating A Business Plan Session 5 Group Activity

MODULE 7 “LIVING THE GANG LIFESTYLE” (Both) Session 1 Guidelines Session 2 Attitudes Session 3 Negotiations Session 4 Goals Session 5 Success

MODULE 8 “PAROLEE/PROBATION LIFE PLAN” (Both) Session 1 Life On Parole/Probation Session 2 Relationships On Parole/Probation Session 3 Establishing Goals/Reaching Your Goals Session 4 Life Skills

MODULE 9 “Impacted by IMPACT” (Both) Session 1 Essential Make-Up Session 2 Violence Prevention Session 3 Addictions Session 4 Relationships Session 5 Ethics Session 6 Financial Literacy Session 7 Living The Gang Life Style Session 8 Parolee/Probation Life Plan

MODULE 10 “Identity Theft” (Women only) Session 1 Self Session 2 Substance Abuse Session 3 Self Ill-Treatment Session 4 Sexual Exploitation Session 5 Significance

MODULE 11 “Facilitator Training” (Both) Session 1 IMPACT’s Philosophy Session 2 Facilitator Expectations Session 3 Facilitator Training Session 4 IMPACT’s Workshop Process Session 5 IMPACT Modules Overview