IMPACT for Elementary and Middle School Youth
In an attempt to address the growing trend of risky behavior within the adolescent population, IMPACT has created a program model to address the issues these adolescents are facing.

IMPACT for Families
As we continue to keep with our focus of addressing the At-Risk population, we understand the unique situations many families confronted with. Whether it is a single parent household, a household where the primary caregiver is a grandparent or other relative, or a two parent household, where a need to develop dialog and conversation in a open settings is needed, our course curriculum will allow for the overall growth of the family unit.

IMPACT for Religious Organizations
IMPACT has tailored workshops to speak to both men and women groups. We bring a perspective of being Overcomers of incarceration (realizing that there are many faces of incarceration). Our facilitators will share from there personal journeys and show the importance of faith in that journey.

IMPACT for Athletes
In the unique world of sports, where stars shine ever so brightly, IMPACT has created a module to address areas of risk and areas of challenge that both male and female athletes encounter or may encounter. A large portion of this module deals with the theme of “Image vs. Reality”.