Office of Neighborhood Safety (ONS), RICHMOND, CALIFORNIA

The Office of Neighborhood Safety (ONS) was formed in October 2007 to build partnerships and support initiatives that create greater neighborhood and community well-being. In 2009 IMPACT entered into a working relationship with ONS and the City of Richmond to assist in reaching the hard to reach population ages 16-24.

ONS works to develop facilitate and sustain human/social benefit resources and service delivery on behalf of the City’s most disconnected and vulnerable populations with an emphasis on youth violence prevention and intervention

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Life Skills for Peace Sessions

The ONS Life Skills for Peace (LS4P) program serves participants between the ages of 16-24 most at-risk for being involved with or directly impacted by gun violence in the City of Richmond. LS4P also works with students facing suspensions for violence, youth on probation for violence and youth detained, but not arrested by local law enforcement.

The curriculum is designed to help program participants to discover & expand their critical thinking skills, uncover his/her own dreams and aspirations, and recover & identify those ideas, issues, conflicts, obstacles, and challenges which may hinder them in achieving their dreams. Four foci are utilized to create an environment for transformative learning, which include ‘Why we act the way we act”, “who are we really, the developmental process of life” (manhood/womanhood, responsibility and perseverance), and history, social, cultural insights and perspectives that inspire personal achievement, character strengthening and community building.