What is Project IMPACT?

Incarcerated Men Putting Away Childish Things (IMPACT) is a program started in 1995 in the Garden Chapel of San Quentin State Prison (SQSP). The IMPACT program was conceived and written by incarcerated men as a self-help program for other incarcerated men.

The IMPACT program was conceived and constructed by Chaplain Earl Smith, formerly employed at SQSP, and a small cadre of personally selected inmates. Convicted male felons helped to construct a written curriculum that was aimed at addressing aggressive behavior among men and boys. The community component has been in operation since September 2001. The Division of Juvenile Justice program has been in operation since February 2006.

From our founding in 1995; to the development of Community component in 2001; to the expansion of the Division of Juvenile Justice Program for males in 2006, we have continued to work toward a practical solution to break the cycle of incarceration for the at-risk population.

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In 2011, the fourth phase of IMPACT was realized when Women Incarcerated Still Enduring (WISE) was instituted at Ventura Youth Correctional Facility. WISE is a female accountability program that shares life-tools with the young women that effect change in heart, mind and spirit. Wise is structured to the diverse needs of female offenders. As with the male model, IMPACT has hired former female offenders as course facilitators/mentors.

IMPACT is able to provide a continuum of care through an in-facility program and transitional services with trained facilitators and a curriculum that adheres to the principles of effective intervention and is strength-based, trauma informed, family focused and culturally competent.