Meet the SpeakerS! Check out these video interviews with your retreat experts!


Alisa Wilcox, Project Impact Co-founder, Business Coach, Automated sales Systems expert & creator of the tech academy.

Lauren Bragg, Certified Goal Setting & Feng Shui Consultant.


Robin elander, project impact co-founder, large scale event producer & founder of global good impact.

Julia Busby, Health & Wellness Coach, Podcaster, author


michelle lee, project impact co-founder, photographer, founder of Pets in Focus and the narrative loft.

Bonnie McVee, Life Coach Extraordinaire


Pamela Abbott-Mouchou, Feng Shui consultant

Karen Grill, Business and Productivity Coach

Robin Deem, Founder of and Feeding Toddlers:Unlocked!


Shannon Marie Gonzalez, Soul Success Coach.

Natalie Puglisi, Legal and Finance guru

Samoa Blanchet, Quantum Cash & Clients Coach


Karina Munoz-Benalcazar, Co-Founder of the Inner Warrior Project and Women Who Warrior.

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Wendy Barlin, CPA and Online Business Expert.


jamie Schaible, Thriving by design expert

Erin Low, Corrective Exercise Expert and Founder of Goula Gals.